Why Keyboarding and Typing Skills are Important

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  • Common Core State Standards demand proficiency in keyboarding and typing
  • Online assessments of keyboarding skills are becoming the norm
  • Paper-and-pencil tasks are becoming obsolete
  • Electronic devices are ever more present in our daily lives and require keyboarding skills
  • Accurate and speedy typing is a must in today’s world

When to Start Teaching Keyboarding and Typing Skills

  • NOW, regardless of age… it all depends on your objectives. But remember, Common Core State Standards expect a certain level of keyboarding proficiency by 3rd grade, so early familiarization with typing skills certainly doesn’t hurt.
  • The moment you find the right keyboarding program. One size does not fit all in the K-12 world, but we know what it takes to meet the needs of students and adults alike and we will guide you there.
  • At the same time students develop their writing skills.

How to Teach Keyboarding and Typing Skills

How to teach keyboarding depends on your objectives, curriculum, time constraints, resources, budget, etc. We’re here to answer all your questions, and we’ll be sure to set you up right from the very start, and provide you with any subsequent support you may require.

In accordance with Common Core Standards, we have put together a teaching keyboarding and typing manual in which you will find:

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  • An outline of the goals you should set when teaching keyboarding.
  • Teaching keyboarding in the class room and at Home.
  • How much time your students should spend keyboarding for optimal results.
  • Worksheets on the importance of proper ergonomics in keyboarding practice.

Why Web-Based Technology is Important for Keyboarding

100% web based Keyboarding and Typing programs gives the students the chance to bring the classroom home and access their keyboarding program from any computer connected to the Internet. Teachers give typing home assignments and monitor the students’ progress. Because of a a better keyboarding practice, students achieve better grades, and are more motivated in schools.

illustration of a star by Peter ReynoldsWeb based keyboarding programs allow students to practice keyboarding and typing from home which increases parent involvement. Whether it is a site that allows for typing drills and keyboarding practice or a rich extension of what is going on in the classroom, it is a motivating way to enhance learning.

Many states are working on state-wide internet access, which will help break the gap, and allow students from every economical background to have access to reliable, effective and engaging web based keyboarding and typing programs, educational assessment, quizzes, and test from home.

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