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Zap Zap Math: A Gamified Math Ecosystem for K-6 Students

Zap Zap Math takes every math topic a kid needs to learn from Kindergarten to Grade 6 and turns them into a gamified math learning experience.

Zap Zap Math is developed by teachers with thousands of exercises that are tied to the Common Core, State, and International Math Standards. AND, it goes further than most edtech aspirants by including higher-order thinking elements in its math games which are developed in collaboration with the renowned children’s creativity expert and Singapore-based math teacher Teoh Poh Yew. Zap Zap Math asks kids not only to provide an answer but to think about problems and solve them. This innovative math application brings kids all the way through creating, evaluating and analyzing math problems based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Zap Zap Math’s 180 fun and engaging math games are connected to a Web Dashboard which gives parents and teachers the opportunity to oversee each child’s progress individually. The Web Dashboard provides a detailed report on the overall progress of a child as well as a topic breakdown so that both the parents and teachers can identify areas where a child may need extra help. Further, Zapnet, a feature which allows kids to interact and play math games against each other, completes the third leg of the ecosystem.

Today, Zap Zap Math is featured in 185 countries, ranking in the top 10 of the education category in 58 countries including the US and China. Since its beta launch in November 2015, over 10 million math questions have been answered on Zap Zap Math. Recent data insights have shown us that each time a kid plays, they spend an average of 10 minutes per session. To date, the Zap Zap Math suite of apps have a combined portfolio download of over 2 million.

“Best Startup of the Year” at RISE 2017!
“Best New App” in the Apple App Store.

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