An amazing collection of online simulations for illustrating scientific content in your classroom.

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Over 800 simulations covering primary and secondary science education content

eduMedia is a growing database of over 800 interactive simulations for K-12 students in the areas of the human body, plants and animals, earth and space, environment and ecology, physics, chemistry, technology, math and more! It is designed to engage students and support multiple learning styles.

The simulations and videos on eduMedia’s website are highly visual and truly interactive. They can be streamed or downloaded for offline use–even from home. They are suitable for projection on a screen and are specifically designed for interactive whiteboards. They can be used by students to review material, supplement classroom projects, or even just explore the wonderful world of science and technology.

eduMedia’s resources are housed on two websites: one for elementary and one for secondary. They include three types of resources: interactive simulations, quizzes and videos. All resources are sorted by subject and grade level. eduMedia is an educational resource database for teachers, a work and revision tool for students, and a multimedia scientific encyclopedia for libraries and the general public.

eduMedia’s core business is education. Created by scientists with a common dream, to increase the popularity of science among all students, eduMedia is firmly committed to improving learning techniques through Internet-based educational methods. eduMedia continuously monitors technological developments related to education. Its innovative resources are available in eight languages and are internationally recognized for their excellence.

System Requirements

eduMedia requires Flash 10 and up and an Internet connection.


  • has over 800 simulations and videos
  • includes content for both primary and secondary science
  • supports 8 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, and Turkish
  • is available for all devices including Android and iOS tablets

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