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Lü is FUN

Physical activity should be fun for everyone, not only for athletes. Lü allows engaging and immersive experiences where players can develop their physical skills through play, not only competition.


Every aspect of Lu’s games have been carefully designed to maximize respectful gameplay and to support all levels of skills and types of learning. Game development is an on-going, collaborative effort with the greatest minds working together.


Lü believes in active play and active learning. While player Lü, senses and minds are always running at full speed, and most sports are taken to a totally new dimension.

How does Lü work?

Lü is a smart space that understands in real time the behaviors and interactions of people within it. Using the information coming from ceiling mounted 3D cameras, Lü drives games and tools projected on the wall. It also integrate synchronized lighting and sound effects for a better immersion, in real time.

  • 3D Camera and Realtime Processing: Ball detection on the wall is possible through the 3D camera system. Cameras are rigged to the ceiling with no need for any technology integration on the wall itself.
  • Large Scale Projection System: The powerful WXGA professional projector is protected in a custom enclosure.
  • Interactive Light and Sound System: Deliver ambiant lighting, special robotised light effects and a powerful 2000 watt sound system.

Lü ÜNO is the single awesome interactive wall synchronized with lighting and sound effects, perfect for smaller spaces or groups.

ÜNO comes with all the equipment, turn-key installation and all our amazing games (existing and future), for the next 12 months.

Screen size up to 20’L x 11’H
Ideal game area is 30′ x 30′

Lü DÜO is the complete configuration including two ÜNO kits facing each other, synced together to allow multiplayer gameplay on a larger playground.

It comes with 4 additional games maximizing the full scale DÜO experience. Can also be used as two independent systems when needed.

Total ideal game area is 30′ x 60′

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