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Typing Agent is easy to use yet is arguably the most robust and innovative program on the market combining KEYBOARDING, instruction for writing multiple types of CODE, and a full DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP curriculum.

Typing Agent includes a powerful K12 keyboarding and technology curriculum

100% web based, Typing Agent includes multiple age appropriate learning environments designed for K-12 students, including a module specifically for K-2 students. Each environment is designed with the physical and cognitive skills and abilities of the students in mind. The size of the text, the keyboard interface, the length and types of lessons, and the games and accompanying characters are specifically chosen to be developmentally appropriate and to have the most appeal for students.

The program includes customizable, standards based lessons and tests for instructors; a Spanish language environment; adaptive curriculum that takes personalized learning to a whole new level; and powerful reporting features for teachers and administrators. It’s affordable for any size school or district. And, it’s fun!

Typing Agent teaches digital citizenship skills

Fully aligned with ISTE Standards, the Typing Agent Digital Citizenship curriculum includes a teaching guide with vocabulary covering 9 sections of digital citizenship: digital access, commerce, communication, literacy, etiquette, law, rights and responsibilities, health and wellness, and security. There is an interactive student quiz for each section, exciting super hero themed videos, and typing activities to reinforce concepts.

Typing Agent helps student learn to type code

Students are introduced to the concept of coding and learn the importance of typing code accurately. They learn to type HTML, Java Script, Python, and more. Students will build their own Flappy Bird Typing Game and are challenged with advanced type code.

Gia's Typing Agent Tips

Find out the latest from Typing Agent as well as tips and tricks you can use in the classroom, cool reporting features, and more!

A powerful solution for districts

Typing Agent’s district tools and reporting features are the best in the game. In fact, with the new Reports Dashboard, it’s a game changer!

  • Teach Keyboarding, Digital Citizenship and Type Code with one integrated package
  • Manage large numbers of students with ease
  • SSO with Google, Microsoft, and ClassLink and rostering with Clever
  • Powerful reporting features with custom reports tool
  • WCAG 2.0 ADA compliance

Features for instructors

  • Complete control over the keyboard and game settings
  • Ability to set individual or class targets
  • Real-time data updates for enhanced student tracking
  • Customizable grading and all the stats and reports you will ever need
  • Customizable lessons opportunities in addition to the over 200 lessons included
  • 1-3- and 5-minute timed tests
  • Aligned to Common Core Standards for keyboarding
  • Curriculum mapping & planning are included

Features for administrators

  • Ability to upload thousands of students and teachers quickly via the easy CSV uploader tool
  • Manage students easily with the Automated District Student Management Tool
  • Customizable district-wide curriculum management, testing, and reporting features
  • Ability to purchase only the licenses needed; all licenses are transferable

Special features for students

image of Typing Agent robot

  • Exhilarating missions and exciting single and multiplayer games
  • “Agentbook” social network and message center, which enables communication between teachers and students
  • Colorful and cool-style avatars
  • Lessons for learning how to type code
  • Lessons on word processing and 10-key typing
  • Ability to log in 24/7 from wherever they have an internet connection
  • Ability to track their own progress

Works with all devices

Typing Agent will work for you on any Internet connected device whether it be a PC or Mac, laptop, iPad, CHROMEbook, or any other tablet. And, since it’s 100% web based, students can access their accounts from anywhere!

typeSMART: Intelligent Response for Typing Success logoTyping Agent introduces typeSMART technology, a continuous data capture tool that provides student data analysis and predictions. typeSMART alerts teachers to student usage and performance patterns, provides intelligent feedback to both teachers and students, and implements adaptive learning for targeting problem areas.

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“After recently piloting four typing programs, our school chose Typing Agent for our grade 3, 4 & 5 students. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is colorful but not overwhelming. It can be set up to be rigorous but provides support and practice”

–Lynn M., Media specialist/librarian, Old Town Elementary School (Old Town, ME)
Read Lynn’s entire review in Common Sense Education at commonsense.org.

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“We just completed pilots of multiple keyboarding programs and I have to say that Typing Agent surpassed all our expectations. Their support during the pilots and implementation has consistently been prompt, gracious, and more than helpful. Even when we presented them with challenges unique to our district’s management systems, they met with us and teamed up to find the very best solutions for us. After piloting and researching multiple products we determined that Typing Agent was the one that met all our criteria. Best of all, we only hear positive information from our teachers and students using this program. It’s easy to use, yet has multiple options to ensure teachers can adapt specific elements (amount of time on games for example) to their classes’ needs. Teachers and students love the program and the students are already talking about their progress.”

Linda Foot, Digital Learning Specialist, Poway USD

“We are using Typing Agent with all of our third and fourth graders throughout the district and I’m getting a lot of positive feedback about the program. I just generated report cards based on our grading scale for teachers to share during parent/teacher conferences and am noticing that the students’ WPM and accuracy are considerably higher than in previous years. Typing Agent has been very responsive when I’ve had a few logistics questions. Overall, we’re very pleased with it.”

Sandy Bader, Technology Resource Teacher, Heritage School

“Thank you so much! We absolutely love Typing Agent. Our computer tech at our school asked the district if they would be willing to purchase it. It’s a wonderful program and I saw huge improvements in the kids. They really loved it too. I’m hoping we can get it. Thank you again!”

Tiffany, Santa Ana Unified School District

“My students definitely need to practice their typing skills and Typing Agent is an entertaining way to practice. The students can (and do) access it during computer lab time and on the ChromeBooks in the classroom. I can walk around and reinforce the way the students place their fingers and sit. By the end of last year there was an improvement in the students’ typing skills which made them more willing to complete writing tasks on the computers.”

Debbie Bacher, Sonoma Valley Unified

“The fact that Typing Agent covers grades K-12 is not the only reason it is the star of online typing schools. Some of the exciting features Typing Agent has, besides the usual basics, are typeSMART Intelligent Feedback Technology, lessons on typing code, lessons on Internet safety, a 30-day free trial, and more.”


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