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Teach touch-typing skills and help children and adults, including those with dyslexia, improve their reading and spelling.

Reading, Spelling and Phonics

TTRS is unique in that it focuses on reading, spelling and phonics rather than letter placement on the keyboard. The first module starts simply with the vowels. In the second module, the student is introduced to their first words through onset and rime such as fed, wed, led. This teaches phonics in context and at the same time the student is learning how to touch-type. In addition, important aspects of grammar are introduced early in the course to familiarize learners with sentence structure.

Patterns and Repetition

Students practice typing the patterns shown on the screen in order to stimulate recognition and association. With repetition, these words move from short-term to long-term memory. Repetition is a teaching aid used to learn facts, figures, and in the case of TTRS, the spelling of words. Some students with dyslexia have problems with their short-term memory. Repetition is a way of “over-learning” which can help with these problems.

A Multi-Sensory Approach

See, hear and touch: a multisensory approach

Dyslexia is a common learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words.

  • Through the multi-sensory approach, students hear the words through earphones.
  • They see the words printed on the screen as well as what fingers to press via the on-screen keyboard.
  • Finally, through the sense of touch, they spell out the words with their fingers.

Modular Design

TTRS contains twenty-four levels with thirty modules in each level. Each module takes approximately five to ten minutes to complete. Continual success is encouraged through immediate feedback and positive reinforcement.

Web-Based Accounts for Students and Administrators

TTRS Online is a web-based resource; no installation or complicated network setups are required. TTRS is designed to run on standard computers (PC or Mac) with a broadband internet connection. The TTRS iPad App, which is FREE for all existing subscribers of TTRS Online, requires a Bluetooth keyboard and an internet connection.

Each user account allows one student to login to TTRS Online using their own unique username and password on any internet enabled computer. This license gives students unlimited access to the TTRS course at both school and home. Every TTRS account also comes with an Administrator login which allows the teacher to view the progress of all their students.

‘US’ voice and spelling is automatically selected for clients in the United States.

Find out more about TTRS through this short video!

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