Whether you want to improve your typing speed and accuracy, are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced typist, Typing Instructor Platinum features award winning typing instruction in English and Spanish that is guaranteed to improve your typing!

Typing Instructor Platinum logoTyping Instructor Platinum is a highly innovative and powerful program designed to teach young children, teens, and adults to type, and to help typists strengthen and improve their keyboarding skills. Typists may choose from the twenty educational typing plans, tailored for both keyboard and numeric keys and symbols, with or without games–there is even a kids typing plan! In addition, typists can create their own personal lesson plans.

Ages 8 to adult
Available for Windows or Mac on CDROM
Online version also available, please inquire.

Exciting Travel Adventures Make Learning to Type Fun!

bulletpoint image of the Typing Instructor iconLearn to type the new and exciting way with Typing Instructor Platinum. Visit 36 destinations around the world on 3 unique travel themes. Take a break from your trip anytime and visit the practice area where you can play challenging multi-level, multi-play games in the arcade, practice typing magazine articles and literature, practice dictation, or design and practice personal lessons.

Multi-Play, Multi-Level Games Set a New Standard in Entertainment!

bulletpoint image of the Typing Instructor iconThe program’s games are not only challenging and fun but are designed to teach specific typing skills such as speed, accuracy, rhythm, dexterity, and retention. The program boasts the first narrative adventure typing game, Treasures of the Sunken City. Choose the time length, the words-per-minute, the level of difficulty, and, in some games, an opponent! Typing Instructor Platinum has over 30+ game challenges.

Instruction Features 20+ Typing Plans.

bulletpoint image of the Typing Instructor iconChoose from the suggested plan, 20 other typing plans, or design your own personal typing plan with lessons, tests and games from Typing Instructor Platinum. Select between 30 guide hands for all types of keyboards, if desired.

130 Lessons and Tests Improve Speed & Accuracy

bulletpoint image of the Typing Instructor iconQuality professional lessons and tests, which include access to 300 practice exercises, allow you to learn quickly for faster touch-typing and improved accuracy. The use of repetitive key stroking builds correct finger-to-key memory. Step-by-step lessons and tests are dynamically built from learned letters and words to build accurate typing skills. Select between times and advancedment level tests.

Progress Reports Quickly Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

bulletpoint image of the Typing Instructor iconA variety of graphs and charts show your proficiency over time. View results for each finger, row, key, or hand separately. You can even view your personal results for all typing activities.

Dynamic Learning Feature Helps you Improve Weak Areas

bulletpoint image of the Typing Instructor iconTyping Instructor Platinum’s Dynamic Learning feature evaluates your typing results to determine weak typing skill areas. Once identified, Typing Instructor automatically creates specific lessons for you in order to improve your weak areas. You will improve quickly by focusing on the areas that need the most improvement.

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