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Typing Agent: K2 Adventure

A keyboarding readiness environment for K-2 students

K2 Adventure takes K-2nd grade students on a quest to climb the famous K2 Mountain. With an all new visual tutor and intuitive navigation, younger students will get the most out of their introduction to keyboarding.

K2 Adventure includes

E-Gor’s Typing Tutor

bulletpoint image of the robot E-GoreLearn to type with E-Gor and the e-minions! These fun loving robots show students how to keyboard correctly and accurately. Children work through the many lessons of E-Gor’s Typing Tutor with interactive goals along the way.

Dual-Chromatic & Multi-Chromatic Keyboards

bulletpoint image of the robot E-GoreStart the younger students off with the simpler dual-color keyboard and then, as they progress in their keyboarding, move them to the multi-colored keyboard.

Typing Practice

bulletpoint image of the robot E-GoreAn all new practice area will take K-2 students beyond the first twelve lessons and give them practice with over 40 lessons and tests as they perfect their beginning keyboarding skills.

Earn Badges and View Progress

bulletpoint image of the robot E-GoreStudents can earn special badges and follow their progress as they complete exercises.

Teacher Admin

bulletpoint image of the robot E-GoreUsing the typeSMART algorithms and robust features, teachers receive intelligent feedback at the point of instruction.

Typing Games

bulletpoint image of the robot E-GoreStudents can take a break with a number of entertaining typing games to keep them motivated.

Go to the Typing Agent pageK2 Adventure is just ONE of the 4 learning environments that come with Typing Agent. Discover more about Typing Agent and its powerful features on our Typing Agent page.

Typing Agent K2 Adventure: Progress Screen and Menus
Typing Agent K2 Adventure: Invisible Hands Guide

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