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Five Finger Typist teaches the proper technique for one-handed touch typing on a standard (QWERTY) keyboard, thus empowering users with a life-long skill that frees them from needing a specialized one-handed keyboard.

Five Finger Typist

One-handed typists (right or left-handed)

  • Available only on CD-ROM
  • Large texts available for the visually impaired
  • Great for special-education classrooms

Perfect for special needs and visually impaired students!

Five Finger Typist is set of structured typing lessons which first teach the home position and then progressively introduce new keys while revising keys already learned. 21 lessons teach all letters, numbers and some punctuation marks.

Five Finger Typist offers:

  • 5 screen font sizes, including 2 large screen fonts of 36 and 48 points
  • Right- and left-hand default settings
  • Screen animated hand which shows correct hand movement as keys are typed
  • 21 structured typing lessons that teach all letters, numbers and the punctuation marks . , ; – and enter.
  • Regular reviews of lessons already learned

Five Finger Typist uses a regular QWERTY keyboard; there is no need for a specialised one-handed keyboard.

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