Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures: Children’s Digital Citizenship Program

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education (the Center) in partnership with Jim Davis and his creative team at PAWS, Inc. is now teaching children how to be safe online with Garfield! Garfield is known worldwide with over 200 million readers a day in 42 different languages. Come along as Garfield and Friends work their way through various situations on the internet.

Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures is the winner of Learning Magazine 2019 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom

For 23 years, our Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom program has honored products for their effectiveness in today’s classrooms. Teachers across the United States evaluate our program, making our winners teacher-tested and -approved. We are thrilled to recognize the Center for Cyber Safety and Education as a 2019 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom recipient. Our evaluators felt Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures make an excellent addition to the cyber safety curriculum in any classroom.

Our Focus: Elementary Children

Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures fits into the cyber safety and privacy field by building upon the growing global concern to keeping personal information safe and secure online. When evaluating issues youth face online we often hear of stranger danger, cyberbullying, oversharing of personal information, and image control. The Center on Media and Human Development found in 2013 that 69% of families with young children under 8 years old have a smartphone. And other research recently found that children as young as 8 years old with cell phones are becoming cyberbullying victims.

The target age of Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program is elementary children, ages 6-11. Research shows that inadequate digital citizenship education is a problem for the whole of society. It is for this reason that the Center invests in early cyber safety education. Providing preventative cyber safety programs to the community and schools to educate today’s young-adolescents at a proactive cost, is financially and socially responsible. Reactive education programs are often more expensive to the school and society.

Our Approach

Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures is a fun, interactive program that can be revisited for continuing education and topic refreshers. Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures, as well as all Safe and Secure Online programs, are carefully created with the input of (ISC)2 members, the top certified cybersecurity professionals in the world.

Joining Garfield and his crew of familiar characters is Dr. Cybrina, a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). Dr. Cybrina, Siamese cat, is a fun, smart female character. She is often playing video games when Garfield and friends approach her for help. The Center chose to make Dr. Cybrina a female to introduce cybersecurity and other STEM related fields as an exciting and enticing potential career for young girls.

Our Platforms

Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures is available in 2 teaching platforms:

  • Group Learning Educator Kits
  • Garfield Digital 1:1

Educator Kit

The group learning Educator Kit is the ultimate toolkit for learning and retaining cyber safety lessons in a fun and engaging group setting among peers, creating an open dialog. Each lesson, which includes everything needed to teach 30 elementary children, can be completed in 20-30 minutes. Special training for the teachers or librarians is not required because the kit includes step-by-step instructions to conduct the lesson. The full kit is available for only $70.00.

Each Educator’s Kit includes

  • 1 Thumb Drive with Garfield Cartoon, Teacher Lesson Plans, Puzzle Handouts
  • 30 Garfield Comic Books with activity pages
  • 30 Garfield & Friends Trading Cards
  • 30 “I Am Cyber Safe” Wearable Stickers
  • 30 Computer Privacy Stickers
  • 1 Garfield Classroom Poster and 1 Pledge Poster
  • 30 Letters to Parents

Each component of the Educator’s Kit is significant to the child understanding and remembering the message of each lesson. The comic workbook is a replication of the Garfield cartoon viewed and discussed in class. The students sign a Cyber Safety Pledge Poster and display it in the classroom. Trading Cards of Garfield and friends characters (with cyber safety tips) can be traded among classmates. Parent Letters are sent home summarizing the Garfield program for the parents to discuss internet safety with their children.

Garfield Digital 1:1

The Digital Version of Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures is a subscription based interactive learning platform. This program is available in several subscription formats: family-home subscription, classroom/school districts and corporate. Digital Garfield provides unlimited access to all interactive Garfield cartoon lessons and digital comic eBooks. The online program reinforces Privacy, Safe Posting, Cyberbullying and basic internet safety with Learn, Try and Apply segments in the cartoon. When the child can successfully complete the questions in the Apply section, a Certificate of Completion is available, and can be printed.

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Health World: ISTE, American Association of School Librarians, National Health Education

Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures lessons have been evaluated by neutral third-party organization, Health World Education, to ensure it meets national education standards. Additionally, all lessons take a skill (ie. protect personal information) and attach it to an actual problem that is relatable to children (ie. a hacker stealing all their game coins). By linking the desired skill to an actual problem that is relevant to the child, they are more likely to follow through with putting the skill to practice.

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education is a non-profit charitable trust committed to making the cyber world a safer place for everyone. We work to ensure that people across the globe have a positive and safe experience online through our educational programs, scholarships, and research.

The Center is the charitable foundation of (ISC)2. (ISC)2 is an international nonprofit membership association with 135,000 certified cybersecurity professionals focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. Best known for the acclaimed Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, (ISC)2 offers a portfolio of credentials that are part of a holistic, programmatic approach to security. It is these skilled professionals that the Center uses to make sure that our content is the best for children, parents and senior citizens.

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