illustration of an apple by Peter ReynoldsMarie Bou K12’s Keyboarding & Supplemental Curriculum

photo of Marie Imbault, founder of Marie Bou K12

Hi, I’m Marie, founder of Marie Bou K12, and I’d like to share with you how passionate our company is about online educational web apps, in particular, those centered on keyboarding.

In 2003, when I was a volunteer teacher at a school in California, I saw firsthand how powerfully technology could engage students and bring a number of subjects to life for them. I also noticed the importance of teaching them how to handle the mouse, maintain good posture and keyboarding habits, and, most importantly, employ proper finger positioning. I decided I just had to direct my energy towards helping develop the most basic skill involved in making the most of technology: keyboarding.

In 2008, I created Marie Bou K12, and my team and I immediately set out to research and select the best online resources to teach this valuable skill.

Back then, people told me I was wasting my time by focusing so much on typing, but history has since shown that keyboarding skills are absolutely essential to online assessments and today’s workplace.

Marie Bou K12 has since expanded its portfolio of web apps to include programs that develop vocabulary, science, math and coding. We’ve also taken care to ensure they can run on a variety of devices, including iPads, and are targeted to different audiences, including special-needs students and K-2 environments.

We are proud to offer this all at every price point. Marie Bou K12’s three main goals are to make online educational resources, particularly keyboarding, available to every student at any school across districts; to free technology personnel from mundane maintenance tasks; and to provide educators with online curriculums, complementary training and help in a timely manner.

We pride ourselves on bringing a human touch to technology with our person-to-person service. We love what we do and would love to hear from you.

Get in touch, and we’ll help get you up to speed on the technological possibilities available to you and your students.

I wish you a great day!

Marie Imbault,
CEO and President

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