Week 1
Design Research

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Reading: PeekAPak
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Week 2

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About this course

Shifting SEL from being a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘need to have’ by embedding SEL into core academics.

Literacy, reading & writing based curriculum to integrate SEL. Flexible and easily adapted for classrooms, after-school programs & libraries. Research shows Peekapak is linked with stronger academics and pro-social behavior.

Included in the Peekapak series

  • A series of 10 unit storybooks, each with your guided reading levels mapped to Fountas and Pinnell.
  • 80 ready-to-use teacher classroom plans with printable student resources.
  • 80 pre-written class updates and activities to extend learning with families. 
  • Personalized learning with student access to stories, learning games, and feelings check-in tool. 
  • An engaging learning experience that students will love.


  • Social-emotional learning curriculum that integrates into core reading and writing learning.
  • Detailed information about each unit, with each lesson referencing the evidence-based research.
  • Provides a ready-to-go program with templates to implement easily into your classroom.
  • Each of the 10 units is accompanied by comprehensive teachers’ lesson plans that outline objectives, alignment to the curriculum, and guiding questions to facilitate a discussion. 
  • Differentiation is outlined to give suggestions for catering for different ability levels.
  • Aligned to CASEL’s framework’s five competencies.

Peekapak Case Study: Elizabeth Public Schools, New Jersey

Elizabeth Public Schools Enrolls 24,875 K-12 students.
84% of Elizabeth students in the study schools qualify for free or reduced lunch.




African American



The student body comes from 50 different countries, speaking 37 languages.

The Problem:

Elizabeth Public Schools (EPS) recognized a need for a greater focus on developing the socail-emotional learning (SEL) knowledge of their learners and teachers. Teachers and school leaders felt that all community members needed tools to help them develop a common language fr discussing SEL issues. It was critical to establish a set of healthy behaviors for building and maintaining relationships. 

The Solution:

Twenty-six schools delivered Peekapak units for respect, self-regulation, and other SEL skills over 10,000 students. Teachers integrated Peekapak stories and activities directly into their language arts curriculum. Because Peekapak is aligned with reading, writing, and literacy standards, there was no compromise

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Gain on my students stand up for their peers 0

Gain on use of feeling vocabulary 0

Gain on sharing behaviors 0

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